The main objetive of ReINTEGRA project is to define and demonstrate End of Life (EoL) procedures for recycling innovative reinforced panels manufactured using different Al-Li alloys, advanced welding technologies, as well as new Cr-free surface treatments and primers; by:

  • Making progress in the metallurgical understanding of recycling process
  • Evaluating the need to separate components or prepare the scrap prior to the recycling operation, suggesting procedures to scrap the panel
  • Validating experimentally the recycling potential of the alloys/coupons/panels, while advancing in the comprehension of the environmental impact of the EoL of these panels.

Industrial & social objectives

9) Reduced dependency on primary raw materials by reintroducing EoL materials

10) Reduction of global recycling costs and environmental impact not only airframe structures; also other welded Al-Li structures & alloys

11) To increase industrial competitiveness of transport sector at European level by developing more sustainable and technological advanced aircraft with new disassembly and recycling strategies.